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I think this video might interest you guys.

4 days ago, Olivia Olson confirmed that Marceline and Bonnibel have dated before. The reason it has been confirmed is because the new Adventure Time book coming out soon may have details on their relationship, and their relationship obviously can’t be aired on TV because some states of America (and countries in the world) are against same-sex marriage and relationships. 

But yeah, they have indeed dated before.

Can we also talk about official Bubbline art drawn by Natasha Allgeri, former character designer and story board artist for Adventure Time, and now Showrunner of Bee and Puppy Cat!?

*internal screaming*


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so one time when i was in 8th grade my school went on a camping trip at this camp and at night we all went around the campfire and told stories

and one of the instructors pointed up at the hill where a bunch of deer had gathered. he explained that baby deer make certain noises to call their mothers over. he said if we were really quiet we could hear them

suddenly this huge black guy came out from the forest and yelled YO MAMA WHERE YOU AT


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  • Woman:

    I'm smart

  • Patriarchy:

    Well you're probably ugly then

  • Woman:

    I'm creative

  • Patriarchy:

    You mean unattractive right?

  • Woman:

    I have all these incredible accomplishments

  • Patriarchy:

    Yeah but look how ugly you looked doing them

  • Woman:

    I have value

  • Patriarchy:

    Not if you're ugly lol

  • Woman:

    I'm conventionally-attractive & posted selfies on my blog

  • Patriarchy:

    I'm so sick of these empty-headed chicks only caring about their looks. Just because you are attractive and get attention from men doesn't mean you are special or deserve respect. Why don't you read a book or do something productive with your life you dumb slut

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